Saturday, March 20, 2010

he's like a really intense male character from a sarah dessen novel.

"Introductions of stories are supposed to be intense and dramatic because that's what gets you hooked. You just have to learn how to read through all the intensity and find out what is really happening before you settle down too quickly and establish your love for a certain character--in this case a boy."

I am the proud owner of the above quotation.
I said this to my friend Cara a few days ago, and she said it really stuck to her. I said it with her in mind and to her directly, so I thought I'd post it. :)


Cara said...

Awe Lev! You're so darn cute. I would like to paraphrase a quote from you most recent email...
"Girl know I said I'm gonna be there for you, but Imma say it again, GIRL, I'm going to be there for you."

HAha this is why we only fought over orange juice in our lives. love u<3

Cara said...

Oh & youre email notey's make me smile pretty lady.