Friday, March 5, 2010

hella creeped out.

I just got home from an interesting bus and subway ride from school. My dad picked me up at Finch Station after I was creepily stared at for a good 15 minutes on the Bloor line.

This hobo, let's call him Bill, decided to come sit smack beside me early on in my trip. There were plenty other seats available, but no. This cigarette smelling, ugly yellow wool sweater wearing Bill had to sit beside me.

At first, I just tried to stop myself from laughing. I always attract the strangest people. Then, I got freaked out when I literally felt Bill's stare on me, not for a few moments, but for a lengthy period of time. I turned my head slightly to the left and peering my eyes through my bangs (of course), as though to not get caught creeping on a creeper, but my eyes met his unwillingly. His stubbly face, blue eyes, gray beard, and tuque covered head were all looking back at me. They didn't turn away, though. Not until Landsowne Station, when he got off.

The entire time, I seriously thought that I was going to die. I just kept listening to my iPod (with lowered volume just in case I was to hear any potential movement from Billy) and not making any eye contact. I tried to hide my laptop case with my leg so at least if he attacked me, he wouldn't steal that--what a materialistic mind I have.

I don't know why Bill was so interested in me. I was sitting amongst some other people who were equally creeped out from this dude but do you think he gave them the time of day? Nope, just me. Just the girl who is from a suburb. Just the girl who only ever takes the Yonge Subway Line.


Laura said...

You should've taken the 36 directly to Finch Station so you could have avoided creey "Bill". Though there are many creeps who ride the bus along Finch too:)At least he didn't talk to you and ask you to come home with him (happened to me once):P


leviana coccia. said...

I know there's a route that goes directly to Finch but I was in a rush, I hadn't packed, and I had just called my dad to say "PICK ME UP AT FINCH" so looking up a bus route, bus times, and whatever else I should have done just didn't seem logical at that point haha.

Ooh and your story... well that's really creepy.