Friday, March 5, 2010

hahahaha my favourite part of spice world.

Scary Spice: [as they are talking about being stereotyped] You know, I think it's the same with fish
[points out fish in tank]
Scary Spice: I mean, look at this, you've got the spotty one, that's *wacky*. You've got the fluffy one, that's *cute* And then you have this... ugly loser one. That reminds me of my ex boyfriend, Steven
Ginger Spice: Did you *know*, that the largest fish ever is the manta ray?
Posh: [continuing] And then you've got the little *ginger* one, which is full of *useless* information, about *manta rays*!

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cara said...

I think this was the best movie ever...

posh: what should i wear? the little gucci dress, the little gucci dress, OR... the little gucci dress?