Sunday, March 28, 2010

goals and summer plans.

What I hope to do this summer:

- Go to Buffalo to go shopping (this is in the works)
- Go camping (this is also in the works)
- Go to Niagara Falls (this has great potential)
- Go downtown to St. Claire Ave West during the world cup with friends and family--Forza Italia!<3 (Have I ever mentioned that my brother is going to Italy this summer with a program that I went with a few years back? I'm so jealous because he's going to be there, in Italy, for the World Cup Finals. AH!)
- Have a barbecue and invite people to come
- Lose 10-15 pounds
- Spend a weekend with my Nonno and Nonna
- Get my G2
- Make my room into a collage--covered with photographs (I told my mom about this last night and she surprisingly approved, yes)!
- Be more tanned than I was last summer
- Buy a new bathing suit--I've had the same one for forever!
- Write more blog posts
- Network more!
- Think about where I want to do my internship in fourth year
- Read!! I didn't read as many summer novels as I wanted to, last year
- Go to the beach! Last year, I went to a beach once. So unfortunate.
- See Nick more times!
- Listen to the radio more-I have no sense of what's on the radio any more. Whooops. 
- Go to CONCERTS!!!
- Go to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition)
- Find somewhere to take part in really cheap yet good yoga and zumba classes (or just do them in my room with the help of YouTube videos)
- Grow my hair really long and attempt to keep it healthy


I would continue this long list but I have to be ready to leave in an hour and I'm most certainly not! I'm off to celebrate Palm Sunday with my Nonno and Nonna. Yaaay. Mmmm I can't wait for lunch.



If Life Gives You Lemons, Don't Eat Them said...

You have a lot of plans for summer! I hope you do everything you want!

kInterisano said...

Even though I live about a 40 minute drive from the border, I've never been shopping in Buffalo. It's also one of my goals for the summer.

What are you doing in Niagara Falls?

Anonymous said...

If you want to lose 10-15 pounds, stop eating meat. It works like a charm.

Gigi said...

Are you from upstate New York?

leviana coccia. said...

Thanks for all of your comments!!

Gigi--nooo I'm not from upstate New York!

Kristina--I know, I've never been either. As for Niagara Falls, my best friend and I are planning on going for a day/a night with our boyfriends :)