Sunday, February 28, 2010

tonight is the night-canada takes on the usa for the gold medal game on home ice.

Hockey has always been more than just a sport. Hockey is something that Canada owns, along with maple syrup and peanut butter. Hockey is what most Canadians breathe. It's like a nationwide language that everyone understands. Like the over-played commercial that sends me shivers every time says, our lakes are frozen for 6 months a year and we get out there at every chance we get.

At 3:15p.m. Eastern Time, Canada and the USA will be going head to head in the most important game of the decade. We will be fighting for the Gold medal that will allow us Canadians to rightfully claim the title as the champions of the game of hockey. Once again, we will own hockey.

Every Canadian will be glued to their TV sets tonight egging our fellow Canadians on to win the game. Though both teams essentially play side by side in the National Hockey League, this game will put every player in their respectful countries.

Canada is always shadowed as just another USA or (even worse) as just the USA's neighbour. We are more than that.

The Canadian flag is known all around the world for peacekeeping, help offerings, donations, and other positive essentials. When I think of the USA, I think of dependence on materials, money, and war.

There is nothing that Canadians want more than to win this game tonight. Since we lead in the Gold medal count, let's make it one more and reclaim our title as hockey champions.

The USA can have their first place ranking in the Olympics overall, Canada wants this game.

I have chills right now and the game hasn't even started.

Remember, the puck drops at 3:15p.m. Be ready Canada, this one's going to be good.

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kInterisano said...

If we win the game today, we will also have set a new record for the country who got the highest number of gold medals in all of the Olympics. The highest number is 13, which we are currently tied with.