Sunday, February 28, 2010

happiness is a warm gun.

I can never just sit in my room in silence, not because I'm afraid of my own thoughts, but because my thoughts aren't justified. When I listen to music, I really listen to the lyrics and different emphasis on different words. What is being sung represents whatever I'm feeling at that time and in that moment.

Music is like reading a book. The first time you read it, you pick up on certain things. Then, when you read it a second time, other things are understood and more symbolic. The same happens each time you read through it. Music can be applied to this same analogy. The first time you hear a song, you really just listen to it. The second time you hear it, you begin to learn the words and remember where you were the first time you heard that melody. As time goes on, the song can be applied to many different situations in your life thus making crazy over thought out thoughts just.

Some songs bring me laughter while others send me feelings of sadness and thoughts about others who I am not with during that moment. Some songs make me annoyed and others make me very angry. Most of the time, I listen to songs that coincide with my mood. I can never be without music, even while reading. Sometimes if I know all the words to a song, I need to lower the volume so I can stop myself from belting out lyrics while strongly focusing on work. Other than that, I always have the volume up high.

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TehrenAnaiis said...

i am the same way with music!
when i post a video to my facebook my closest friends will know exactly what im thinking and most often the person associated with that song..

its funny but so awesome what music can do for us!