Friday, February 26, 2010

they were just quiet there.

“In the half darkness they stared at the shadowy sockets of each other’s eyes, at the faint luminous eye of themselves, and brooded, and listened to the rain on the rooftops. They knew so much about each other, finally, that it must be impossible for them to fight ever again. The whole world was raining, but they were together in the warm sweet atmosphere of themselves, in the faint light their eyes made in the darkness, in the climate their bodies made embracing, in the season of their loving sadness. They were completely alone together in the sweetness of this, but it was then and only then somehow that they could remember the real enormous human love they must have for everyone else in the world. And the wisdom of the tender fact that they loved each other was so true and final. So much as that they did not say a word for hours together in the darkness, they were just quiet there," Jack Kerouac in The Town and The City

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