Wednesday, February 24, 2010

strike news, strike rant.

According to the CBC News, Ontario College students will find out today (Wednesday) if the Ontario Public Service Employees Union and 24 Ontario Colleges will strike. Approximately 250 votes have been counted, which has alluded to an approximate 51.25 per cent of professors who accepted the latest offer, a 5.9 per cent increase. The union (OPSEU), however, has been encouraging professors to vote against the offer. However, the 250 ballet margin is among an 8361 total.

Will OPSEU's wish come true?

Will 200000 students be out of class infinitely?

I'm not going to lie, some extra time off after Reading Week would have been amazing. But right now, I am not looking forward to a strike. Students have just gotten back into the swing of things and pushing back classes, assignments, and the school year altogether will piss off a lot of people. If the colleges don't strike, I'll still be in class until April 16, which is later than most institutions. But of course, who cares what the students think? OPSEU certainly does not.

I just want to know the answer. I'm tired of being told a number of different deadlines and hearing various stories from the news and whatnot. I just want to know whether or not the colleges are going on strike or not. I'll be annoyed if there is a strike, but I'd rather know than be left out.

Oh OPSEU and Ontario College profs, if it weren't for the students attending Ontario Colleges (and some universities), you wouldn't even have a job. Just take the 5.9 per cent increase and close your mouths. The world is practically in debt and you're worried about even more of a pay increase? Be happy you have a job. And hey, if you strike you're screwing up summer job possibilities for your students, too. Thanks.

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TehrenAnaiis said...

I wonder if they realize how badly they are hurting the students when they strike? Finals are two months away! people are graduating! its university/college not high school. this is no joke haha. i mean me personally.. id be content making 80-90 thousand a year! silly teachers.