Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the hockey gods need to be on our side tonight.

I was really happy that Team Canada made it to tonight's hockey game--the quarter finals. Then, I read an article online stating that Canada hasn't beat Russia (who they will be playing against tonight) in the Olympics in 50 years. FIVE-ZERO.

If Sidney Crosby can at least take a decent shot on net tonight, if the rest of the team can stop being so messy on the ice, and if the suits can get it through their heads that just because we're Canadian doesn't mean we're going to win a Gold in this tournament, than maybe we have a chance.

If Canada doesn't get to play in the Gold medal game, I'll be really upset. I'd at least like to see us try.

I'm leaving to go downtown soon to tour CHUM FM with my Radio Broadcasting class. Until tonight, Go Canada!

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