Wednesday, February 17, 2010

no stars.

I saw the film "Dear John" on Saturday night and was disappointed. The story line of the film is actually pretty good, but the actors just threw off the slightest potential for a stamp of approval from me. Not that my approval actually means anything to them, but just so you all know my friends and I laughed through the entire movie except for when John's dad had a sentimental scene. It made us all really sad. However, I won't spoil the only good part of the movie for you.

I know I'm not a movie critic, but when Channing Tatum goes from the hero, to the awkwardly emotional, to the guy with really bad anger management in a matter of half an hour, the words "Step Up" are screaming in my ear.

Don't get me wrong, the film would have been fantastic. It seemed to make sense in the previews, but on the real big screen I felt that there was so much left out. I didn't really get the impression that the two lead roles even had feelings for each other until they wound up underneath the ceiling boards of a house in the middle of a rain storm. I mean, the audience expects the two to fall in love because the candid photo of the pair captures the two snuggling on a cozy beach corner, but if the rising action doesn't lead to the climax properly then all will go down hill!

The beginning of the movie reminded me of the film "Twilight" when Edward turns to Bella and randomly says "We shouldn't be friends" but the two had barely even spoken in their science class.

What really made me laugh, though, was how pity marriage, autistic children offensively being compared to horses every other scene, and "Camp Horse Sense" were all a part of "Dear John" and managed to make the film top Avatar's box office income on opening weekend.

I vaguely remember reading "Dear John" before this movie hype came into the picture. I don't think I finished it just like the movie didn't even end. I won't spoil the "dramatic" ending for you, but let's just say Tatum resembles Ben Affleck and Amanda Seyfried looks like Sandra D. in Paris.

I didn't like the movie, clearly. I wish I had, though, because it could have had a lot of potential. I mean, I laughed, I cried, I ate an entire box of Smarties, and got in trouble for laughing so hard from a random audience member.

That last part is no exaggeration.

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Curha said...

ahahhahhaha this actually made me pee levv
watching that movie with you guys is basically all I thought about when I missed you all week.