Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i blog and eat when i'm bored or antsy.

I'm writing notes for my Subcultures and the Mainstream Media midterm and I don't want to do it. I have so many things to go through, including 8 extremely long articles.

So far, I've written study notes for all of my lectures. I've also organized my notes into "Key Concepts," "Subcultures," and "Examples." Now, I have to flip through probably about 400 pages (or so it seems) of paper to find main points said in each article.

After all of that is written and done, I have to read all my notes and crack down on the memorizing. I suppose it's still early to do so but I want to at least read through everything once today!

Man, I have the entire house to myself and I am so distracted. I want to watch the Olympics but I watched a lot of TV yesterday (thanks to my lovely Glee date) so I probably shouldn't. It's only 11:13a.m. and I really want to make lunch. Am I hungry? Not even close, I just get the munchies when I am studying.

The good thing about today, though, is that I'm hanging out with Nick tonight. I don't know what we're doing but it doesn't matter! He needs a hair cut and I always go with him to get it, it's tradition, so maybe we will do that. He looks cute when his hair is really short. :)

Tomorrow I plan on studying some more (blah) and hanging out with my ma. I have to go to the orthodontist's on Saturday morning but I want to move my appointment to tomorrow. I am babysitting on Saturday night and could really use all of the day to study!

On Friday I have nothing planned as of yet but I'm sure something will come up.

I also need to find a voice recorder with a USB adapter so I can record a 5-6 minute interview with someone about a newsworthy topic. That won't take very long and I guess I'll be illegal and interview my mom about the Olympics. My dad would actually be pretty funny if I asked him about the risks of snowboarding or something. The other day, he was watching the snowboarders compete and they crashed. He called me over to look at the replay and said "Wow man, I had so much fun watching that." Like, what if they got really hurt dad? Oh dear.

Anyways, I need to go study some more and stop blogging about really irrelevant things.

Love always.

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kInterisano said...

but I like when you blog about irrelevant things.

Also, I miss Zumba too.