Thursday, January 28, 2010

an update on my day, because it's been a good one.

Last night I was extremely nervous about a speech I had to present today about a boy who pushed me to the ground, ripping my nylons, during a game of freeze tag in grade one. The good news is that the speech was succesful. I didn't stutter, I didn't "um," and I got through it in exactly 1 minute and 57 seconds (thanks to Ashlee for creeping haha).

This great start to today has put me in a good mood. I have to work at events at 1p.m. and then I am hanging out with the boy and Kris. Kris and I are then going to the most amazing meditation/breathing/stretch/yoga class at the gym at 5:15p.m. I can't wait. After a long(ish) day of class and work, it feels so good just to stretch and breathe. Kristina Russo, you are in for a treat m'dear.

After yoga, Amanda, Kris, Melissa, my other friend Kristina, and myself are going out to Moxies to celebrate Amanda's belated birthday. I promised I'd take her for dinner and we have some lovely other guests attending as well. I should probably order a salad since I had some really fattening cafeteria mac and cheese for lunch. Whatever, I was craving it. 

Mental note to myself: Make a reservation for 7:00p.m. at Moxies.

Around 8:30/9:00p.m. we are then going to my sorority sister's house to hang out and bake cookies with the girls. This event has been so long awaited. I can't wait to finally cut the crap. This is the real deal, ladies.

That is the excitement of my day! As for tomorrow, I am going home for the weekend and FINALLY SEEING NATASHA GAGNON HOLY POO. I haven't seen her since the Christmas break. Sad, sad, sad times. Then I imagine I will spend some time with the boy, the family, and the NEW LITTLE BABY. He's cute, I've creeped photos.

Anyways, I need to go make my bed and get ready for work.

Have a good one! 

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ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

Sounds like you had a pretty wicked day!
Happy Saturday =]