Tuesday, January 19, 2010

no one's gonna love you more than i do.

Monday's are my longest day of the week. I have class from 9:00a.m. to 11:40a.m., from 12:40p.m. to 3:20p.m., and then again from 5:15p.m. to 7:55p.m. That sounds pretty dreadful except it's not all that bad. Yesterday,  besides a few minor glitches in my first class, went by pretty fast.

In my first class we had to use this program called Illustrator and make a pear. Yeah. A damn pear. Honestly, the procedure wasn't that complicated and everything was laid out step by step. However, I still managed to screw up and stayed in class for an extra hour so I could finish my stupid pear. The only thing I messed up in the end was the pear leaf. Not bad for a rookie. 

In my second class, Radio Broadcasting, we did a news quiz, wrote a few broadcast stories, and chatted. Love you Mike Karapita. 

In my third class, we talked about love, passion, desire, and "delight." I love this class, so much! It really gets you thinking and I could possibly sit and listen to my awkward Italian professor discuss in depth theories in relation to his life and our own all my life. Yesterday, we came across the topic of marriage. We discussed why people get married and how the divorce rate is so high.

I didn't get a chance to say this in class yesterday, but I thought it several times:

Today, people are obsessed with material items even in terms of the love they may share with another person. Marriage is no longer about loving someone for as long as you've committed yourself to them, it's about instant gratification. If your partner doesn't give you a shiny new ring every now and then, you lose interest. Please note that the "shiny new ring" can be taking literally and metaphorically. 

Marriage has become a shopping centre. We can now return our purchases, opt out from plans, or exchange them altogether.

That's not to say that I agree with this view, but I do see it coming to life in my everyday experiences with family, friends, and the rest of society.

We go through our lives expecting that after university we're going to find an amazing job and get married right after that. I want that for myself, but for different reasons. I want love and trust and to make a family, with or without the church/state approval. I couldn't care less if I had a big rock on my finger (again, "rock" can be taken both literally and metaphorically). I don't need a fat wallet to make me happy.

Unfortunately, marriage has become a business.

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