Sunday, January 17, 2010

it's hard enough to try and figure out who you are, so what do you do when you're asked to define another part of you that no one knows about?

I've had a week to think of my Alter Ego and to name it. I thought I came up with it, but now I'm second guessing my idea.

I have three passions in my life; love, writing, and my family. With those three passions, I have minor "subtopics," if you want to call them that, that elaborate who I am and where I want to be. My name for my Alter-Ego was going to be something like "J'aime" which means "I love" or "I like."

I was pretty set on this until I remembered that I had to do four creative things with this Alter Ego, including a PowerPoint presentation.

Another one of my favourite things is Belle from "Beauty and the Beast." I have always secretly wanted to be her. She has optimistic values, a good family core, drive, ambition, and brains. Though she is not the most popular girl in town, she does attract a lot of attention because she's different and she's always got her nose in a book. Not to mention that I've made up several musical theatre dance routines to "Belle's Song" from the classic Disney tale and that I could sing the entire song (not quite the entire soundtrack just yet) without looking at its lyrics.

I'm not sure if I could name this potential Alter Ego and I'm not sure if I'll even use it but I better decide quickly because I have until 9:00a.m. tomorrow morning.

Could I combine these two Alter Egos into one? I feel that I am optimistic, ambitious, hopeful, loving, and full of my three passions even though I may not show it all the time. I am also shy and I don't have a specific classification. 

What would I name this Alter Ego, though? 

Maybe sleep will bring me the answer.

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