Saturday, December 12, 2009

when the world seems to get to tough, bring it all back to you.

Good morning bloggers,

In like two hours and 45 minutes I will be done my exams for the fall semester. I am pretty damn pumped! The second my exam is over I am going to feel like a tonne of bricks fell off my shoulders. I've gotten to the point where the information in my study notes is making me annoyed because I've read it waaay too many times. I'm not sure if that's a good thing but whatever. Good luck to everyone who has an exam today and tomorrow (special shout out to Amanda Urbanski, Kristina Interisano, Ashlee, and Natasha Gags).

Since I'm getting close to the end of this semester, like really close, I have something other to talk about than school! Yesterday I found out that the Olympic torch is going to be passed by the major intersection near my house on Thursday. That is a once in a lifetime experience and I really want to go check it out. Knowing me I'd probably cry like a fool out of happiness. I get so sensitive when I see or hear about things like that. I'm cool, I know.

I don't think I am getting my Christmas tree today, though :( My brother has a hockey tournament all day, my parents are at a funeral, and I have an exam. Bummer. Maybe we will get it tomorrow and decorate the house and make it all gorgeous. Yay-oh! 

There are 13 days until Christmas which means that there are 10 DAYS UNTIL MY BEST FRIEND CASS COMES HOME TO ME and 9 DAYS UNTIL I GET TO FINALLY SEE TASH!! Tash, last night my dad asked me "Where's your friend that always comes here?" Hahaha, he was referring to you and I said "She's studying but I'm seeing her soon." GOOD LUCK ON YOUR FINAL EXAMS PRETTY GIRLS.

Alright, I think I got too stoked there to see my friends. I am going to go get ready and hopefully kick sociology in the bum with my exam and then be freeeeeeeeeeeee.

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