Sunday, December 6, 2009

mmm whatcha say.

Today, my family also celebrated my mom's 45th birthday and my mom said "Eugh, half my life is over" after she blew out her candles. She obviously laughed after that, but it just hit me that each second we live, we are one second closer to our deaths. I mean I haven't experienced it myself nor will I ever have to experience death because when you die you just go, it's not as if you are alive and dead at the same time, acknowledging the journey death is taking you on, but it just shocked me.

The average life of a woman in North America is 80 years old, which is pretty good, but the thought that I have just over 60 years of my life left to live scares me. The 19 years that I have already lived (ah the past tense is creeping me out) is about 1/4 of my entire life. The next 3/4 are going to be filled with a lot of good and bad experiences, but they are going to go buy so quickly.

I don't want to waste away my life. I want to live my life to my fullest potential. I'd like to believe that there is a God up in heaven and if there is, then it gave me 80 years to learn the true meaning of life. I have learned a lot in the first quarter of my life, but I want to learn more.

I want to know how I can be so lucky in Canada but people on the other side of the world living in third world countries are struggling to stay hydrated. The literal answer to this seems obvious; that their living conditions are poor, that multinational corporations outsource to third world countries providing unhealthy work places for many women and children, and that they do not have access to clean water, shelter, and food to sustain themselves.

The question I want to truly know the answer to, however, is what is it like to live in those conditions? We have no idea unless we experience it therefore who are we to judge? 

It's nice to give a donation to charities who help those less fortunate, but in doing that we are passing on our conern materialistically without actually dealing with it ourselves. I want to go to a third world country and understand how those less fortunate than myself live in poor conditions. I want to know what those less fortunate than myself really want. I want to hear what they have to say.

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