Thursday, December 3, 2009

never befriend your visa card.

I completely hate overconsumption. I never understood how people can become so dependent on their visa cards, credit cards, and master cards to the point that they spend money they absolutely don't have on things they  absolutely don't need. I refuse to get a visa card at this point in time because with one, that means that I will have comformed to the dependency of instant and invisible money. I'd rather save up for something I really need and purchase that with my own money without the thought of owing money creeping in the back of my head.

It may sound cheesy, but what happens when you settle down with someone you really love and you get married, get an appartment, or do whatever you want with that person, and you find yourself not even able to buy bread for the week? You could argue that you'd never let it get to that point and that now you're young, wild, and free but I'm sorry to break it to you, you are not all that young.

One final question, why are you buying things with your visa card if you don't even have $10.00 in your bank account? Is it really that essential to buy something every week? 

Some of you could argue that you have money in your back account and that you use your visa card or master card out of pure convenience. Well, congratulations on the money in your bank but I'm talking about the average student from the average family.

I was talking to my roommate today and she told me about a family she knows who has never owned a credit card. I was shocked at first but now that I think about it, good job unknown family. You deserve a round of applause.

I dare you to not buy anything for two weeks. Okay, you can buy food and water but don't buy material items like clothes, electronics, shoes, etc. I know Christmas is coming up, but see if you can not buy yourself anything materialistic for two weeks. I don't have a visa card, but I'm going to take this challenge.

Can you do it?

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