Wednesday, December 9, 2009

it's been a rough day.

I'm watching Glee tonight in the comfort of my own home. I left res today out of frustration and spontaneity. I wasn't having a very good night. It started off with an overwhelming 4,067 word, e-mail from a professor that informed me I would have to redo an entire assignment for the second time now, after the class has come to an end, out of pure craziness and then news that my dad's uncle had passed away. 

I pretty much had a mental breakdown and swore at my computer multiple times when I read the e-mail from my professor. Basically, I have to re-plan my entire feature (for the second time) then assess my own feature when my planning hasn't even been approved and then rewrite my feature to have a tighter "focus." Funny because I've never been taught how to write a feature in the class and our class ended on December 4. I have handed in every assignment on time, I have been nothing but a good student, and no, I get screwed over. I flipped. 

Then I called my mom and while I was on the phone with her my grandmother called in tears informing her of the bad news about my dad's uncle. I didn't know him well but I learned today that he was an artist and my dad's grandparents didn't want my dad's aunt to marry him because he wasn't a "worker" but she married him anyways because she loved him. What an amazing story, it's sad that he had to leave the earth. 

So that has been my Wednesday--what an amazing hump day it has been.

However, I am watching Glee and I am at home and my mom will be making me breakfast tomorrow which makes life that much better.

I am kinda bummed, though, because I didn't get to say goodbye to any of my friends on campus and I won't see them until the beginning of January. I'm sorry guys, I hope you understand! I will be back on Saturday for my exam at 11:45 and if you are somewhere near campus at that time, I would love to say goodbye. Love you all to the moon and back.

Glee's back on. TTYL. 


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Amanda said...


i'm so sorry for your family's loss first and foremost that is for sure, if you need anything at all please let me know.

secondly, kim noble is actually friggin nuts. good thing you left rez cause i sure as hell wouldve. Is there any actual sensible reasoning behind her making you redo the assignment? she makes no sense, what did ed wright/the provost say about her and her shenanigans?!


well i hope glee made you happier, cause it was a pretty dencent episode and i can't believe its over till april :(

miss you and love you and can't wait to see you on the 18th. if you want a ride to wherever the dinner is let me know and ill pick you up okay! <3