Sunday, December 13, 2009

i'm stuffed on focaccia.

I finally got my Christmas tree! It is sitting in my living room as it always does. It isn't decorated yet, though, because the branches have to thaw out. It's a pretty nice tree :)

My brother and I tried putting the lights up outside around the evergreen trees in my front yard but that was a complete fail and will have to wait to get done tomorrow!

My mom also made a white focaccia for "snack" since we ate like 3 hours ago (lol) which was pretty good except I was laughing really hard at my brother and then at my mom because she walked into a wall. During this entire event, I was drinking water which lead to water coming out of my noise. It hurt.

Tomorrow is my first official Monday at home for the holidays. My mom might be going to my Nonno and Nonna's house for the day. I'm thinking about going with her. We'll see! 

I'm pretty stoked for this week! On Wednesday my boyfriend is coming over for breakfast after his exam. On Friday my sorority is hosting an exculsive sorority/fraternity Christmas dinner with the fraternity at my school. Then, on Saturday I am going to my besty Vic Cutcher's house to have appetizers made by her amazing mom and some drinks! It's going to be a good one, I just hope I can balance potential work time with all of this "socializing." Bahaha, I hardly ever have time for socializing I guess I should just enjoy it.

Anyways, "The Polar Express" is on and it is time for me to kick the football off the TV and turn the Christmas movies on! Sorry, Dad :P

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