Saturday, December 26, 2009

i left my head and my heart on the dance floor.

I didn't boycott the mall. I went to get my bangs trimmed at Natural Solutions and had the owner as my hair dresser. I normally go to this amazing lady who works out of her house, Nikki, but she is currently on her way to the Dominican Republic so I had to make necessary changes. 

Anyways, the hair dresser I had was named Silvio and was telling me how Italians are not white people because Sicilians with dark hair are from Africa and Sicilians with light hair and blue eyes are from England. Interesting. I'm from Molise and Abruzzo, I told him, and he said "Ahh, you know Molise and Abruzzo used to be one region. It was called "Abruzzo-Molise." Then, Silvio yelled to his coworker, "Whey, Maria (totally made the name up I just figured it would work) this lovely girl is Abruzzese, too." She answered, "Ahh si?" Just for the record, I'm not even from Woodbridge and I am surrounded by Italians and NO we don't all act like those on Jersey Shore. Silvio's accent was pretty cute, too, I might add. He called me "Bellezza" and generously told me I didn't have to tip or pay any taxes. I took the no taxes, but I tipped him a buck.

Speaking of Jersey Shore, though, I am going out tonight to partay with my boyfriend's friends from work. I know some of them as they went to my high school, but I haven't met them all. We are going to a club called Circa in downtown Toronto. I'm pumped to get dressed up, sing Lady Gaga, and dance. I don't plan on drinking much but the drinks I am going to buy are most def going to be a Pornstar, a Killer Kool-Aid, and perhaps a Cranberry-Vodka. We'll see.

Until then, I think I am going to drink a tea! 

Much love.

Ciao ciao.

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