Saturday, December 26, 2009

i am boycotting all malls today.


I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas/Holiday festivities thus far because I certainly did. Though my Christmas was really busy, it was more quiet than other years. Nonetheless, I still saw my family for (pretty much) a day and a half straight, give or take sleeping time, ate a tonne of food, exchanged gifts, and mowed down on torrone. 

Torronne is a sweet Italian cookie that looks really hard to make. I've never made it before but my cousin always does and I absolutely adore them. They can be made with chocolate or without, but my favourite are the chocolate ones. I'm not quite sure how to explain them, but basically they are two soft outer shells covered in parchment paper that are filled with a chocolate or white filling and nuts that is the answer to all my problems. The only home made one's I have ever tasted have been soft but the one's that my family have purchased have been hard. I love the soft ones, tehehe.

As for what I got for Christmas, I couldn't be more happy! I got some new tops, two cardigans, a jean jacket, two new necklaces, and a pair of flats! Then, I got chocolate, money, and gift cards--ya know, the regular. Buttt, the most amazing gifts of all were my camera battery charger so I can start to take pictures again and a new cell phone! 

I used to have a hand-me-down BlackBerry Pearl but one day it decided to not turn back on sooo I started using a ghetto Nokia flip phone from back in the day. For Christmas, my Nonna and Nonno gave me a Samsung Hype. Pretty much, it looks like a BlackBerry but it's not. I really like it but I suck at texting with it, at the moment.

As much as I'm sad that Christmas is over, it didn't really feel like Christmas this year. Sure, there were presents, tonnes of food, bottles of wine, and family to spend it with, but there was something about this year that just didn't seem right. Perhaps it was the lack of snow on the ground. I guess I'll never know for sure.

As for today, though, I am staying at home to avoid all crazy shoppers in this world to let them do their thing. I really like to shop, but I can't be bothered to wait in line and deal with people who must have that new pair of jeans or that new pair of boots because, honestly, if you really want it that's great, but if you're just buying it because it's cheap, you really could have waited until tomorrow when the sales don't really change all that much.

:) Enjoy your Boxing Day, whatever you choose to do.

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