Tuesday, December 1, 2009

happy birthday mom.

First on the docket, it's my mom's birthday today so, happy birthday mom! You don't look a day over 35 and when I called you this morning, you were struggling with your ear piece while driving and couldn't hear a word I was saying, but nonetheless, have an amazing birthday!

Second, what on earth do you want for your birthday? I know you're going to tell me "Leviana, you can't afford to buy me a present. You need to save your money for school." Okay, you have reason, but it is your darn birthday which means I am going to get you or make you something. I don't think you read my blog so I will just put some ideas out there:

- Timmies card, because when you go downtown to see nonno and nonna I know you always stop
- A bouquet of flowers, because who doesn't love flowers
- A cake (that I could bake you, but I might burn down my house)
- Dinner/lunch (even though dad said we could go out for dinner on Saturday, that doesn't count)
- A gift certificate to Melody Nails so you don't have to go all the way to Lawrence St. and Dufferin to get your nails filled (I think that's a keeper)
- Or just a big hug :)

I think I'll get you a gift certificate to Melody Nails and a bouquet of flowers. That sounds about right. You will enjoy that, won't you? Yes, you will.

Alright, now that I just had a conversation with myself, I am going to go finish getting ready to see my boy where we will have a study party in my room. That will consist of him sleeping on my bed and me cramming for Doc Film and TV.

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