Friday, December 4, 2009

halfway there.

I am halfway through exams! I wrote my second exam today and it went really well! The only downfall is that I still have to revise my long feature and hand in a second/final draft but my teacher hasn't given us back our first drafts yet. She told me she'd have mine for today but surprise, she didn't have it. She then told me that she'd have it to me by Monday. Gah, she better! 

Do you want to know something so awful about this teacher? She told a student today that she didn't have her short feature (which was due in October, by the way) because teaching isn't her full time job.

I've e-mailed the Vice Provost at my school, who is like our dean, as well as my program head. This lady is teaching two classes in third year, hell nah.

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