Friday, December 11, 2009

be self assured and spend money, i can deal with that.

Good morning blogworld,

I am in a good mood today. I went to sleep before midnight last night, which I haven't done since the beginning of the school year, and I woke up around 9 which is amazing. My horoscope today says that I should feel very self assured and that I should go buy something even though I can't afford it. That's pretty darn accurate since I have an exam tomorrow (and telling me I should feel self assured is making me feel like I don't need to study) and I still haven't done any of my Christmas shopping. 

Nonetheless, in 25 minutes I will have the house to myself which means I am going to need to review, review, and review for my exam tomorrow. I studied for 7 hours yesterday that made me a little scared because I was rough on all the fine details. I mean, I understand what everything means but will I be able to identify who said what and when it was said? I guess the most important thing is that if someone were to ask me what "Civil Inattention" means, for example, I'd be able to tell 'em that Erving Goffman coined the term to describe the actions we take when we meet someone we don't know in a public space. We disengage ourselves from them but we don't want to do that too much to send the message that we are untrustworthy and rude. Basically, we distance ourselves from the unknown individual enough to not creep them out but we need to show we care just incase they sneeze, so we can say "bless you," or drop a pen, so we can pick it up for them. The perfect situation for "Civil Inattention" is in the elevator ;) Yay 100 per cent. Haha, I wish!

I'm pretty sure you didn't care about what "Civil Inattention" means so I won't go into detail on any other topics that I've been studying.

I'm going to go study now, or try to anyways.

Much love.

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