Friday, December 4, 2009

all i wanna do.

This is what I want to accomplish this weekend:
- I must complete my Sociology of the Everyday study notes
- I need to watch Thumbelina (Kristina Interisano, holla)
- I need to figure out whether or not I'm going to be working this Christmas break, that dilemma has still not been solved
- I need to buy my mom her birthday present
- I hope to go to my brother's hockey game on Saturday night (the catch? My dad's taking my family for dinner. It's probably bad that he bribed me with dinner, but oh well)
- Get some more Bon Iver on my music library
- I hope to hang out with my boyfriend tonight. I'm not sure what the heck we're going to do but whatever
- I need to catch up on sleep
- I need to watch Gossip Girl, I haven't done what feels like a month
- I need to make sure I don't catch strep throat from my brother
- I need to start packing for my weekend, which I haven't done yet. I have an hour. Okay, I'm going for real this time.

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