Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Is it weird that I like to have a double shot of green tea every night before I go to sleep? I'll fill a mug of boiled water three-quarters of the way. Then, I'll put two decaffeinated green tea bags into the mug. I love the strong taste of it :) I know it may not necessarily work twice as fast or twice as hard as a regular green tea should, you know help you digest, but it makes me feel really nice inside. The double shot of the green also relaxes me and gets me all warm and cozy and ready to hit the sac (yeah, yeah, as a lady I shouldn't have said it like that but whatever). 

I've always wanted to post something about my awkward double-shotter but I never had because no one noticed me do it at home, until tonight. My mother was like "Ahh, no it's too strong!" I looked at her and told her I'd done it before. She looked at me with that disappointed, weirded out, mother look in her eye that almost encouraged me to take a sip before her and prove her wrong. Yeah, it's stronger than normal, but hey if people can handle a double shot of espresso why I can't they handle a double of the green stuff (I am aware it totally sounds like I'm talking about marijuana right now)?

Meh. I just like it.

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