Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i haven't packed at all.

I am moving back to residence on Sunday, August 30. I am moving into a suite style room with my friend, which I am so totally stoked for. The only problem with this is that I have to pack my entire life away for Sunday in the lightest way possible. I learned the hard way last year when I had to wait for the elevator and drag a trolley stacked with bags, a suitcase, and a box or two to my room all in one shot. I don't live too far away from my school so I'm hoping I'll be able to sort through everything in my room and decide what to and what not to bring with me on Sunday. Hmm, the problem with this, though, is that I am the worst packer in the history of packers. I over pack almost everything! To make that worse, I haven't even started packing!

I'm making a goal for myself to pack the a toothbrush, my hair straightener, make up, tooth paste, toilet paper, water, and whatnot. From that point, I hope to decide what I will be wearing each day I am at residence next week. I'm lucky because I have Labour Day plans with my family so I will be coming home next weekend which will allow me to bring more stuff over to school. I'm not so lucky, though, because I change my clothes a lot. I'm the typical cliched girl who changes her clothes all the time. More often then not, I'll change my pants/shorts twice in a day and change my shirt at least once. That makes me sound like a psycho, but whatever, it's the truth. Funny, though, that I don't really change my clothes to look nice but that I change them because I want to wear something more comfortable. Jeans to track pants is the greatest change I can make!

This thought just trickled into my mind, I am going to need to pack FOOD for the week. Now that I have a suite room I won't be making my way down to the residence dining hall every morning for breakfast and once in a while for a snack. With a toaster and a microwave in my room, I'm all set. However, I'll need to make some extra bag room for a loaf of bread and some cup-o-soups.

All this packing talk is making me really excited to go back to school. But, it's also making me horribly depressed because I don't want to leave the friends I have at home. It's not like I'll never see them again, because I will, but it won't be as frequent. Facebook, e-mail, texts, and phone calls don't do it for me when I miss someone. Maybe it's unhealthy but I don't really care. The friends I love are the friends I will always have in my life but moving away from them can get really hard at times. I'm lucky to have the friends I do, both at home and at school, but at home I have the friends I've known since I started elementary and high school. At university, it's a different feel. It's a new type of friendship. It is refreshing at times but neither home or school friendships can replace the other. 

This summer was hard without the friends I have away at school. That being said, the last school year was hard without the friends I have at home! Unfortunately, I can't be in two places at once but hopefully things will all work out in the end. They have to, right?


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