Friday, August 28, 2009

new kids.

I had a good night tonight :) It's my last Friday night of the summer before I go back to school. I went out for dinner with my boy, then we went to go watch Final Destination, and we finished our ever-so-needed date night with a trip to Indigo (a bookstore near my house). I bought two books for 73 cents. Well, not really, I had a gift card for $15.00 and the books came to $15.73. Good find? I think so. 

Wow, I'm so cheap! I am writing about my 73 cent shopping spree. Welcome to my life as the poor Guelph-Humber student that works three jobs and spends her nights blogging and talking and spending time with her boyfriend, best friends, and family.

It hasn't even hit me that I am moving to residence in under two days. I still haven't packed yet and my eyebrows are in need of a really bad wax. Don't worry kids, all of this will be complete as of tomorrow afternoon I assure you. Then on Sunday I am off to school to unpack, see old friends, make new friends, and kick the year off with a bang and party like I've never partied before. 

Unfortunately, this summer has been filled with work. However, the low-key-chill nights, the parties I did actually have time to go to, and the memories made are all priceless. 

Now, I am ending my last Friday night with New Kids on the Block, a cup of green tea, and a smile.


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kInterisano said...

I love your blogs about green tea :)