Sunday, July 5, 2009

i owe you one.

(I took this pic btw)

I'm so sorry I haven't posted in what feels like forever. I worked about 50 hours this week and had very little time to blog. So, it's Sunday and I figured I would document how my week went:

- My Nonno turned 80 and was so surprised at the party we threw him. All he was worried about was the food and how he hadn't cooked enough. He didn't have to worry though, we ordered in.
- I started camp and I love it.
- I saw "Up," "The Hangover," "Year One," and "My Sister's Keeper" this week (probably the most movies I've seen all summer). "Up" was so cute and made me cry. Definitely go see it. "The Hangover" was funny, I guess, but very stereotypical. "Year One" was a waste of $10.50 and "My Sister's Keeper" was good but not as good as I thought it would be. It made me ball my eyes out but Cameron Diaz didn't fit her role.
- I bought the cutest empire waist t-shirt at Sportcheck for $9.99 :)
- I now have a collection of various boondogle bracelets from kids at camp on my left arm.
- I went to a party at my best friends' house on Tuesday night. It was so fun and I'm happy I went. Work has prevented me from going to parties but I managed to go to this one :) Yay!

That's pretty much how my week went. I think I did more this week then I have all summer. It's weird because I've had so little time these past 7 days but I did so much. I'm quite pleased with myself, actually.

I'm so hungry so I'm going to go help my mom with lunch and hopefully it will be ready sooner. Have a good week.

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