Thursday, July 30, 2009

i can't escape this lo-ove!

So, I've been working a whole lot which means I have zeeero time for the boyfriend and zeero time for my friends (for the most part anyways). But, when I do have time to see the ones I care about, I'm never more happier.

On the weekend my boy is leaving to go to Florida with his family so I saw him tonight to say our goodbyes. I wish I could see him tomorrow too but unfortunately I am working all day and night-poop. It's okay because tonight made up for it. We went to the mall because he needed t-shirts and I needed to deposit two pay checks. He didn't buy any t-shirts but it was still fun looking for them together. Then we went to McDonalds like always and split a chicken mcnugget combo-my treat :) Then, we went to the park and sat on a bench and talked. It was cute. I hope he knows I will miss him dearly.

This summer, we have hardly had the time to hang out. When he's off, I'm working and when I'm off, he's working so whenever we get the chance to hang out it's always very low key because we're too tired for anything extravagant. I'm lucky if I get to see him once a week. But it's okay because when we do see each other it makes every moment apart worth while!

I'm going to be a big big big big bummer and get ready for bed this early in the evening but I have a loooong working weekend ahead of me. So, goodnight. 

Nick: I love you. I miss you already. I can't wait until you're back home. Have fun lovely. PLEASE drive safely. 

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