Saturday, June 20, 2009

when i grow up...

...I don't want to be famous (though it might be nice), I don't want to be a star (a half-star though, I would settle for that. Known, but people won't stalk me), and I already have boobies. But, the two things that I would love to add to that list are a puppy dog and a kitten.

My parents always told me that my dad was allergic to dogs and my mom was allergic to kittens. My mom's allergy was/is somewhat true but my dad's was/is totally a lie. Unfortunately, there is no way in hell that I will get away with a pet other than my nameless fish, who I love very much by the way :) If I could have a puppy though, it would be a boxer or bull dog. HOW CUTE!?

In a perfect world (lol) a kitty would belong to me as well. Every time I walk into a pet store and see a boxer/bull dog/or an orange kitten, I can't leave the store because I want to take them all home.

When I went to Italy last summer, my mom's cousin had like three all-white cats and one black and white one. They were so small and cute and really fun to play with. If only I had a kitten to play with my fish and a puppy to play with the kitten :)

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