Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day.

Thus far, I have eaten breakfast outside with my dad, enjoyed the weather, handed him some paper towel and windex to clean the bbq for today's lunch, gave him some bbq tools as a gift, and given him two kisses. 

Today's agenda includes eating a lot of bbq, hopefully taking pictures with the family, going to pick up my Nonna and Nonno and bring them up for lunch, watching the Confederation cup soccer game, and sun tanning! 

I would like to make a point to go to the cemetary to visit my grandfather today, I haven't gone in forever and I feel really bad about that. If I don't go today then I promise I will go tomorrow. There has been this strange presence in and around my house that myself and my parents have noticed and I think it might have something to do with our lack of presence at the cemetary. I want to go I just can't find the time and that is so pathetic because the cemetary is really not that far from my house. 

Normally, on Father's day my family and I go to my dad's home town in Italy's Festa that we hold here in Ontario but unfortunately we had a loss in the family a few months back and we are not making our way out this year. Every Father's day we gather the entire family together for food, drinks (sometimes illegal ones ha), and sun tannage. It's really fun and all but out of respect we are taking the year off. Hopefully, we will resume the tradition in the fall or next June.

Well, I hope everoyne has a great Father's Day today. Enjoy the weather too, it's supposed to feel like 30 degrees with the hummidex. 

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