Thursday, June 25, 2009

r.i.p. michael jackson.

Pop has lost it's King. Michael Jackson, 50, died today of cardiac arrest. He was taken from is Belair home to a hospital in L.A. not breathing. Paramedics performed C.P.R. in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, but there was no luck. Once in hospital, the doctor's could not revive the star. Unfortunately, this day will most likely be remembered as the sudden death of the thriller of decades (pun intended).

It was all so sudden. I logged onto my Twitter account to find Perez Hilton tweeting about the TMZ report of Jackson's death. At this point, CBC and BBC were reporting that they were not sure if the man in hospital was Jackson but that he had been taken for cardiac arrest. It was later confirmed that the man was Jackson (when he had passed). 

I ran downstairs to tell my mom the news, that M.J. was dead. She started to hum a saddened version of "Thriller" and pouted around the kitchen stirring the pasta pot.

Entertainment Tonight has posted the exclusive last photo of Jackson on their website. Jackson's face can be partially seen. It is covered by an oxygen mask. A white gloved hand also appears in the image holding, what I'm assuming to be, the oxygen bottle. I'm sure tonight's news coverage will be focused on this tragedy very much so.

I wouldn't say I was a fan of M.J. but I never had anything against the man. Whatever he has been reported of doing, like child molestation, has nothing to do with the music he created or the shows he performed. I'm sure that true friends and fans are very saddened that the man they grew up listening to has left this earth. On a more positive note, he has left this earth on a good musical note.

Rest in peace.

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