Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the fray and jack's mannequin in toronto.

Last night, I went downtown with a friend to see The Fray, with opening act Jack's Mannequin, perform at the Molson Amphitheatre. We subwayed it down which meant lots of sweating, make up smearing, and bang curling but we made it down okay. Even though there were people everywhere on the street car from Bathurst Station to Ontario Place and a lack of air circulation, my bangs were a lot straighter than I thought they would be. 

We sat in the 400's which actually weren't too bad. Our seats were right in front of a bar that divided the 400's from a walkway and the 300's which meant that bald heads would not be destructing our view. Awesome.

Jack's Mannequin came on opening with their song "Dark Blue." They sounded pretty good, but during the songs we didn't know, my friend and I went to go get some snacks. Ice cream to heal the heat, nachos, and a bag of caramel corn. Hey, we only live once and junk food is a must at concerts.

The Fray came on at around 9:30, which is pretty late if you ask me--the concert started at 7! They opened with the introduction of "Happiness," a song off their new record, and merged into "Over My Head." I didn't know many songs last night but everything sounded fairly pretty. All the members of the band have such sweet voices and the way the play their instrumentals is rather relaxing. The concert wasn't bad at all, but it would have been much better if I knew more of the songs they were singing.

When it was time for the Encore, people started getting up and walking away. This always struck me as weird--everyone knows the band doesn't actually leave the first time. Anyways, The Fray sang a beautiful cover of Kanye West's "Heartless," went into "All at Once" and ended with the entire "Happiness" track. We had to escape the rush of people quickly because we were TTCing it home, so we left before "Happiness" could finish and made it just in time for the street car. 

On the subway, the most interesting people made an appearance. This one fellow was hitting on my friend really creepily and asking awkward questions like "how do you stay fit?" and "what's your style?" There was a young man singing a bunch of "ba ba ba ba ba's" and taking really big steps down the train car, and tons of P.D.A. I love the subway, ha! We had a good chuckle.

In a nutshell, the concert was well done, the subway ride was sticky and gross but we made it both ways, and the night was good. Nights out downtown are always fun.

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