Friday, May 15, 2009

so i added spencer pratt on twitter and he pretty much consumes my home page.

On my Twitter homepage yesterday, I came across Spencer Pratt's interesting tweets involving Miley Cyrus and how she is, and I quote, "God's gift." He also tweeted that he purchased her album not once, but ten times. I found it odd that Pratt was tweeting about Cyrus because they are from two totally different sides of the spectrum. Cyrus is a Family Channel television star and a young music sensation. Pratt, on the other hand, is a reality show star because of his almost necessary appearance on MTV's The Hills starring Lauren Conrad. He is necessary on the show because he is portrayed as the enemy, the bad wolf, the annoying and disrespectful boyfreind. What is a "reality" show without the bad guy? I guess, like they always say, positive publicity and negative publicity are still both good publicity--they still bring in the dough.

On The Hills, Pratt brings in the bad publicity dough and you know what, good for him for making money. But half the time he appears on the show, he's in front of his computer, watching television, or playing video games. The Hills fans do not forget the first time that Speidi (Heidi Montag and Pratt) moved in together and Pratt purchased a pin-ball table and added graffiti to one of the appartment walls. Electronic obsessed, perhaps? In one of the recent episodes of The Hills, Pratt said to Montag that he was tweeting. That (number one) was what made me want to follow him on Twitter because it's just so funny. That is what Pratt does everyday, all day. For example, "i left the [t-mobile] sidekick party so i could talk to my followers..." tweeted Mr. Pratt. I think it's good that he's communicating with his fans (or perhaps enemies) but, come on! 

This actually just in: has also noticed the unsuspected friendship between Pratt and Cyrus. The blog posted a tweet from both twitterers and that provoked Pratt to change his tweet saying, " the blog that banned me ...just posted me! thats the power of Miley "angel"Cyrus! love it! thanks popeater !love." 

Thriving off negative publicity? Maybe. But hey, it's what pays the bills (on top of being famous, being entertainment stars, and all of that). I'd like to see if Pratt and Cyrus make news on the next episode of The Hills Aftershow. Who doesn't love a little bit of Spencer drama on top of their day?

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