Thursday, May 14, 2009

obsessed twilight fans, holla.

Happy belated 23rd birthday wishes go out to Robert Pattinson! I'm sure there are a zillion creepy young girls making collages and party hats dedicated to the face behind Edward Cullen.

As much as I am a huge fan of the Twilight saga and Robert Pattinson, I have come to terms with reality. Edward Cullen is a fictional vampire. He does not exist. He is a book and now movie character played by the outrageously good looking 23 year old. Yes, twelve year old chickies, Pattinson is hot, for the lack of a better term. However, he is a person not a fictional vampire character. Imagine how you would feel if everywhere you went people were screaming "I love you, Edward!" even though your name and personalities are different than that of Cullen. As much as fame and fortune must be nice, identity theft (I can only imagine) isn't. Not to lie, Robert's face fits Edward Cullen's description well. I don't think there could have been another icon for Edward. However, yesterday was Robert's birthday, not Cullen's.

So happy birthday Robert, not Edward, Robert. 

If you want to hear some music by Robert, check out songs like "Let Me Sign," "Never Think," "Stray Dog," and "I'll Be Your Lover, Too."

To be totally honest, I like Robert because he is hilarious in interviews, has a very nice voice, he plays the acoustic guitar, and he has an English accent to boot. Unfortunately, I probably would have never been a fan of his if I hadn't read and watched Twilight, but I have it in me to see him as an individual. I would never want to be glued to another personality other than my own, so just imagine how he feels?

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