Thursday, May 21, 2009

my amazing may 2-4 weekend.

So this past weekend, as I said in my last post, I went up to my friend Amanda's cottage on the French River one hour south of Sudbury. Although it was cold, sometimes rainy, and not extremely sunny it was so nice to get away.

I spent the weekend watching movies (including Quantum of Solace and Borat), spending time with Amanda (who I still miss because I am so used to practically living with her on residence at school), spending time with her family, taking photographs, eating tons of delicious food (including a really good cabbage recipe that I might have to steal from Amanda's mom), taking boat rides, fishing (might I add that I suck), colouring and drawing random pictures with crayons and really cool markers, and just getting away from my same old same suburb life. It was a well-needed (and perhaps well-deserved) weekend away.

I connected with the silly, childish, artsy, down-to-earth side of me this weekend. I found the outdoorsy that was always in me once again (thanks, Dad) and had a fabulous time even though the weather wasn't like today's (for the record: today was 27 degrees, sunny, with very few clouds). As corny as it may sound, this weekend was the rainbow after the rain storm.

When I came home from university about a month ago it wasn't as much of a culture shock as I'd thought it would be because I came home on most of the weekends during the year. However, I've learned that everyone has either grown into or out of their imperfections. This can be both good and bad but nonetheless, I'm accepting of these changes/growths I just may not have the time to care about them any more. This past weekend away was just the ticket because it reassured me that my house walls and my fenced-in backyard isn't all there is in the world. There are rivers, lakes, oceans, mountains, bears, deer, and a million other things that I've never actually seen in the wild or free before.

On a boat ride with Amanda, her neice, and her brother-in-law, I was taken on a tour of the bay. On the way, there was an island nicknamed "Ghost Island" where blueberries grew. Bears eat the blueberries when they are in bloom. As simple as this is, I almost want to witness it for real. 

This weekend, I did something I've never done before: I went to a good friend's cottage with their family on the French River.

I believe it is safe to say that this summer will be one of many firsts and this is just the start.

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