Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me."

You're only young once, so live life now as best you can.
Whether that means taking long walks and long talks,
or dancing your heart out to your favourite song at every party.
Don't hold your tongue because as much as you want to be polite,
one day it might be too late.
Don't stop fighting for love, either,
no matter what others tell you.
If there's one thing I've learned in my life up to this point
it's that no matter who your friends are,
the only person that knows you best is yourself.
You know,
there may be a time in your life where you feel like no one's listening,
like all of your friends are enemies,
and like everything and anything is just not good enough.
Whoever's telling you that,
I dare you to look them straight in the eye and smile.
A smile is positive.
It is courageous.
It is an attitude changer.
Walk into every environment with a positive attitude
and in the end comes positivity.
Smile because no one wants to feel unsettled.
A smile is honest and can tell more words than a picture.
I've learned that honesty will get you far in life
and that you can't let anyone in your heart
if you don't love yourself.
Everyone's entitled to their own opinion,
but what you believe counts most.
That doesn't mean that you should block people out,
it only means that as open as you should be towards other opinions,
you should also consider what you're intentions are before doing what someone else thinks is right.
Sometimes it takes more time than expected to get to know your inner beauty.
I've learned that what others say and really believe are two totally different things.
No one wants the world to see their real selves because maybe their real selves aren't what the world is used to.
To that, I say "Who cares!?"
You are who you are for a reason,
and as much as you have control of your on journey,
actions never happen just for the sake of happening.
Everything happens for a reason.
So, to every person who's ever picked up a bottle because of depression,
to every person who's felt insecure about themselves at some point,
to every person who's been made fun of,
to every person who's been abused either emotionally or physically,
to every person who's never felt true love,
to every person who's lost love, friendship, and trust,
and to every person out there,
take each day as a grain of salt
and if the wind happens to not be blowing your way tomorrow,
or the next day,
or the day after that,
remember that the wind never stands still.
Wind changes.
Wind blows.
Wind moves.
Eventually it will reach you and move in the direction you've worked for.
You can't have a rainbow without the rain.
You can't go up without going down again.
Tomorrow's a new day and perhaps it won't be as great as today or yesterday
but remember that yesterday is gone, today is passing, and tomorrow brings new treasures and lessons.
Whether bitter or sweet,
tomorrow's coming for a reason.
Don't let that fire in your heart burn out (thanks Oasis for inspiration on that one).

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