Thursday, May 7, 2009

i love downtown.

My friend Rachel and I went downtown tonight to grab a bite to eat at Cafe Crepe across Much Music. After dinner, we went for a walk down Queen St. and when we were making our way to Osgoode Stn. Dallas Green walked by us. He was beside Leah Miller (Much Music host). My friend and I happened to be talking about her and when I saw her I thought "well speak of the devil!" Then I looked to her right!

I got really giddy when I saw the mastermind behind City and Colour because I'm seeing him perform live at Massey Hall in 19 days! The entire subway ride home, I listened to every song by City and Colour that I have on my iPod.

It might be pretty lame that I got so happy because I saw someone famous walking downtown because it's Toronto, celebrities are everywhere whether or not they are worldly known. I guess seeing the star just added to the overall downtown moment of television studios and cute cafes.

I love downtown and I'm not going to lie but part of the reason why I want to get into journalism is because I will hopefully be able to meet so many people and gain so much exposure just by going to events, reporting live, and writing articles.  

On our epic journey, I saw the cutest graffiti. It was a black and white sillohette of a boy and a girl kissing with the words "Je t'aime" written across. The environment downtown is just so different from my static GTA town.

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