Sunday, April 19, 2009


We've come a long way you and I;
through short hair and long,
and through rights and wrongs,
it's impossible to say "goodbye."

From first kisses and misses,
to almost break-ups and disses,
nothing beats waking up
knowing that I won't be lost in reminisces.

Some don't believe 
we can make it through,
others see us as
 the only indestructible two.

Despite what our friends and foes may ponder,
Our disagreements and make-ups
only make us grow stronger.

From day one you've promised me your care,
through sickness,
and happiness,
and even bad hair.

With all of that comes
visits and walks,
texting to sleep,
long, long talks,
and a relationshop to keep.

You gave me a ring
some time ago,
that meant this is not a fling
and that I'd have no reason to go.

From kisses to hugs,
and fights to shrugs,
nothing we've shared
can cause us to pull the plug.

I love you, 
I do,
this much is true,
and I know we can work
 to erase the blue.

You grabbed your pen 
and wrote me again
to promise forever
 at one hundred and ten.

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nick said...

I LOVE YOU! why are you so amazing :)