Saturday, April 18, 2009


I haven't written in a while only because I have been super busy with my first week of summer. Yes, that's right, I am on summer vacation (and I finished my first year of university in one piece).

So far, I've done some neat things. I spent time with friends, family, and my boyfriend around York Region. I also went to the ReelWorld Film Festival to represent the magazine I am writing/editing for and watched this awesome Canadian film called The Tenant. I landed an interview with the director and producer of the film, got a few photographs, and met with the film's publicist. I had such a great time.

I also found time to go to the library and I picked up five recreational reading books to keep me busy and imaginative for the next few weeks. I haven't done any leisure reading on forever.

On the way down to the film festival, I was on the subway and being the people-watcher that I am, I saw the cutest thing. In front of me there was this sort of tough looking young woman with long brown curly hair pulled away from her face. She was tan and fit. She was listening to her iPod and as she was doing so I was thinking about a story I could write about her. I was once told that people-watching is a great way to spark story ideas. Well, just as I was thinking that, an interesting looking fellow flew across the train isle and sat beside her. When she recognized him she crossed her left leg over her right and brushed her foot across his ankle. He had that so-90s hair style that definitely needed a change. His hair was long with really bad brown routes and sparse blond highlights. He had chubby cheeks, from what I could see and awkward eyebrows. He had just returned from New York and was going for a run downtown, I heard. And she was a bartender. Every other word the young woman said was a swear word and the young man only laughed. They were sitting so close it was obvious that they had had a fling in the past. I whispered to my mom "they've so dated." Just as I said that, she started playing with his locks and pecked him twice on the cheek. They exited the subway a few moments later hand in hand. So many story ideas spark from that little incident. I just don't know how to start! If I figure out what to write, I'm sure I'll post it here.

On the down side, I was supposed to spend time with my friend from school, Amanda, in Alliston but unfortunately my brother's hockey coach passed away so I couldn't make it up. I assure you there will be a next time though and many pictures and stories to post.

Other than that, I'm starting to work at my previous summer/winter job as a hostess at Kelsey's this week. Hopefully, I'll also be scheduling some driving lessons so I can finally go for my G2 test.

That's pretty much my summer so far. I hope you enjoyed my little summer summery. 

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