Saturday, April 11, 2009

facebook creeping can be quite astonishing.

Apparently, Potato Smiley Faces have more fans than Prime Minister Stephen Harper has supporters on Facebook. 

Potato Smileys have 455, 525 fans but Harper only has 27, 422 suporters. I've actually never had a Potato Smiley and I may not have voted for the Conservatives in the last election, but the point is that a startch has more support than our political leader.

That made me chuckle. If Potatoes are more popular on Facebook than the Canada's Prime Minister, what has the world come to? Seriously.

U.S. President, Barack Obama, on the other hand has a whopping 6, 120, 797 fans on Facebook.

This just in, SNIFFY MARKERS have 59, 643 fans. What?

I know that Canada might not be the most powerful country in the world and having the U.S. as our neighbours to the south might put a damper on our nation, but how on earth are potatoes and sniffy markers more favoured then our leader?

I encourage you to encourage all of your friends to support Canada in any way you can. Whether it's voting in the next election, participating in my recent poll (which has to do with pulling Canadian soldiers out of Afghanistan by/before 2011), or just spreading the word. 

It has been my home since the day I came into the world and I know that it is home to many more than just me. So, lend a helping hand and help make Canada grow as a nation even over the net.

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