Saturday, June 11, 2011

my little success story.

I haven't blogged in a super long time. I'm sorry. I am in better spirits since the last time I wrote, though. I've really given a lot of thought to what I want to achieve this summer and that's success...but on more than one level.   

Firstly, I want to successfully complete my internship course, in which I am almost done. As I've discussed in earlier posts, I did a six-week internship at CBC Toronto. Words cannot express how fantastic it was. But, the latter part of completing this internship includes putting together a portfolio, writing a paper, and submitting a supervisor's evaluation of my skills and work ethic. I'm working on the portfolio as I write this, will get around to writing the paper, and I've done my part of the eval. I'd like to say I'm in good shape.

Speaking of good shape, I've lost six-pounds. And, during this weight loss I am challenging myself not to focus on the numbers but instead on how I feel. I'd like to say I'm also succeeding in this aspect. I've been eating well, sipping on some peppermint tea, working out regularly, and trying to smile more. I'm trying to be me again. I think whatever I've been doing is working.

The trick I'm using is something called music. Earlier this week I went to a free City and Colour concert. As you know, I not only adore the man behind the band, Mr. Dallas Green, but I also love the way his voice chimes to every beat. He came out with a new album. And ever since the free show and the new album became my own, I've been happy. All the time.

I'm learning to live my life because we were only given one chance to do it (thanks Ashlee). And so, when I received an e-mail the other day from my local newspaper asking me to write a story, I said yes even though I was super swamped with work already. I got good feedback and it's in today's Richmond Hill Liberal.

In other news, I'm going to Montreal on Canada Day long weekend with my girlfriends. I am going to treat myself to a party (or two), bagels, chocolate croissants, poutine, and every other treat I can get my hands on. This weekend to come is essentially my summer vacation this year and I'm going to live it up. I'd like to think I deserve it.

I like where this summer is going. I can't believe it's almost halfway done, but I like how the end looks. And when the end comes, I'll be entering my fourth-year of university. Major WTF right there, but I'm excited for the memories, the tears, the stress, and everything completing my undergraduate degree and diploma have in store for me.



Tiana Ells said...

I'm glad you've been happier. Always be happy, dear :)


Hi, I'm Ashlee. said...

I got chills reading this, haha.


We need to hangout sooooooon. My friends from Ottawa are coming down next weekend, and you'll be gone the next one, but sometime in July, you & me = date time :) Deal? haha.