Tuesday, March 29, 2011

insert title of the happiest acoustic guitar song you've ever heard here.

I'm so looking forward to the next few months. I found out on Friday I have a six-week internship with the CBC in the News Network's Arts Unit. I'm still pinching myself. I start on April 18th. I can't even breathe. Still. gasping. for. air.

I learned today that my friend, Ashlee, who also goes to the University of Guelph-Humber, will be living about half-an-hour away from me this summer. I just finished blow-drying my hair and the entire time I kept thinking, "We are going to get to hang out so much!" I am a 14-year-old girl like that.

I can't wait for the memories the next few months have in store for me and the people I care about. I can't wait for the sun to beat down on my back, to meet new people, to get a taste of the real world, and to do all of it with such fantastic individuals.

Speaking of those fantastic individuals... some of them turn 21 on April 6. My besties from elementary school are celebrating their birthday in exactly a week and though I will not be able to see them, I do have something up my sleeve. Muahaha. I hope everything works out as I hope.

I'm not on summer vacation mode yet, though...so don't worry. My heart is on cloud nine, but my head is very much aware that I still have two-and-a-half-weeks of class left.


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Photo said...

haha, you're so cute. I can't wait to hang out with youuuuu this summer :)