Friday, December 24, 2010


I can't even explain how happy I am. I legit just ran down my stairs screaming. I received 4/5 of the marks for my classes this semester and I'm thrilled.

  • 87 in Broadchast
  • 95 in Specialized Reporting
  • 86 in Sociology of Consumption
  • 83 in Law

I'm still waiting for my Web Design mark but I'm not worried about it. 

Oh my goodness, an 87.7 per cent average this semester is the BEST Christmas present ever.


monkeygirrrrl said...

those are fantastic marks! congratulations :) do you mind if i ask where your high school is? i go to school in toronto and we dont have subjects that specialized in high school!
happy new year xxx

leviana coccia. said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment :) I'm actually in my third year of university :)

All the best.