Saturday, November 27, 2010

interesting flow of vocabulary you've got there, sir!

I spent my evening last night at my kitchen table beside my partner studying for a test I have coming up. I had all of my notes before me as my pen in hand scribbled and re-wrote key words, definitions, and the like. My partner, however, determined to make it seem as though he was distracted by me, was glued to his web browser.

I was already well on my studying way when he said, "Before I begin, I am going to check my Facebook. It's just something I always have to do."

I said nothing. I did, however, let a grin appear on my face. 

Interestingly enough, my partner was (and is) against the idea of the Reconnect--an attempt to disconnect from our virtual habits to rekindle our real, physical lives outside the realm of the Internet. He thinks it's irrelevant because social networking and various social media are in and we should just embrace it, no questions asked.

Later yesterday night, my partner and I decided to take a study break and make our way to a nearby coffee shop. Hot chocolate touched my lips and cookies crumbled just in time for an interesting conversation about how I am passionate and want to make changes but my partner, on the complete other side of the spectrum, is a passive elitist who just lets things go as they please, unless of course it has to do with him personally (with which he will then rant about how he is better and how there is better out there than what is before him).

The catch? I'll make changes to those that I may not agree with. For starters, look at the Reconnect! My partner, on the other hand, will run away from the problem and find a place where these problems do not exist, or do not appear to exist.

Nothing is wrong with either characteristic, as they are just that. Yet, what really got me about this entire conversation was that my partner criticized the Reconnect because it puts barriers on the abuse of social media. Yet, what is he willing to do about the extensive use of social media that has consumed a many of our lives? Nothing. 

And that, readers, is the issue.

We cannot let things pass us by as we drown in to-do lists with nothing ever being checked off as complete just because it is a major trend. We cannot let social media define us.

What are you going to do to make a change?

The first thing you could do is e-mail the Reconnect:

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Umingmak said...

Beautiful idea this with Reconnect - left facebook a couple of weeks ago and it has really brought me back to reality again. Same thing goes with chatting, blogs and so forth.

I think that what you do on internet is not real.. I look at internet as a tool to use when you need to - not instead of for example meeting someone irl.