Thursday, October 21, 2010

dear life.

Slow down. You're rushing and racing and moving in circles. Spinning so fast I'm forgetting my purpose. Blur of the traffic is sending me spinning, getting nowhere.

Life. What have you turned into? A jumble of to-do lists, study notes, reports, essays, midterms, and websites that consume every single second of my time? I thought I'd be complaining but as I reach the end of my midterm exam period for my third year of post-secondary education, I've finally found time to breathe. Somehow, I have found this moment to lay in my bed, laptop in hand, typing out a blog post that is not about a crappy day or a bad professor, but about everything that is good.

Two days ago I wanted to scream at you, life. You had me teaching myself about law. You had me cramming for a sociology midterm. And, you had me praying I got a decent mark on an assignment.

Life, you had me scared of failure because I feared I had taken on too much. Well, I didn't take on too much. I've somehow learned how to take everything that has been thrown in my direction and divide them into daily tasks (thank you, daily planner, for making my life 15x easier).

Sure, in the past few days I have experienced the wrath of degrading professors, smelly people on the bus, and stress so bad even the skin on the part of my legs behind my knees is dry, but these humps and bumps have only made me realize that I want nothing more than to succeed. I want nothing more than to try my best. It'd be nice to prove those generation-stereotyping professors, smelly people, and dry knees wrong one day, and I plan on doing so. But, right now, I'm just enjoying the journey I am on.

As pleasant as this sounds, I am not afraid of unleashing some edge should someone stand in my way. 


~Abby~ said...

I'm glad you've taken it in a good way and you're handling it. You're a strong person. :)


Susan said...

I am proud of you :)

Georgia said...

hi, whats daily planner? Is it something you can purchase because seriously i need it haha


leviana coccia. said...

Hey Georgia! A daily planner is an agenda and yep you sure can purchase one.