Sunday, October 10, 2010


I've spent every waking moment of this long weekend doing school work. When I'm not making midterm notes, doing assignments, doing readings, or doing anything else that school requires me to do, I've been eating turkey.

I realize the eating turkey bit is really fantastic but the school work part is making my head spin.

I have had a headache all day because of the stress I'm under. I guess every one's dealing with it and I probably should be trying to focus on the positive instead of writing a rant about it but I needed a break...

Friday morning, I woke up early to do homework. Afterwards, I went to work. When I got home, I went out for dinner with my girlfriends for my birthday.

Saturday morning, I woke up early to do homework. I planned on doing midterm notes all day but I have this "great" professor who assigns random crap at the last minute. Guess what? He assigned another random assignment at the last minute. So, instead of Saturday being a study day, I spent it doing research and writing a column about Federal politics. 

Saturday night, which I could have spent at a Toronto Maple Leaf's game, was actually spent doing the midterm notes I wanted to do during the day.

Then, this morning I woke up to finish those midterm notes. I then took a break to eat turkey. After my Thanksgiving dinner (part one), I continued doing midterm notes for one of my other classes. 

Now, I've started looking over drafts of assignments that are due this week. 

To take a break from all this work, I watched Glee last night. I'm finally caught up on it! However, it's gotten to the point where taking an hour break has me thinking "Crap, that's an hour I could've used to do this, and this, and this for school."

Not to mention...I have noooo time during the week to do school work. When I do, I start at 8pm and go until 1am. So, I get a good 5 hours in there every other night and I never go to sleep without doing something for school on the other evenings, but work and commuting and school work is making me c r a a a a z a y y y y.

For example - tonight my phone was vibrating and I had to turn it off because the sound was making me sick?!

I'm done for today, though. When tomorrow comes, I'll tackle this school work again (before my second turkey dinner).

It's gonna be a crazy year. Help.

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