Sunday, October 17, 2010


So I had a pretty good feeling that one of my profs, who likes to send rando assignments at the last minute, wouldn't do so this week because he understands students in third year journalism barely have time to freaking pee. But, oh hell no...

I woke up this morning with a mother effing assignment from the greatest man in the world. At least, I think it's an assignment?! The e-mail was probs over 1000 words and made little sense, whatsoever. So I e-mailed my prof explaining that I have four midterms in the next eight days and would have reaaally appreciated it if he would assign shit in class so:

a) I wouldn't be pulling my hair out, ever,
b) I can regain some of the time management skills I once had, but this class has taken from me, and
c) I could ask him questions about his stupid assignments, which have no relevance to journalism, face to face.

I'm going to go study for law now, from my 89 cue cards.