Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Besides the fact that I pulled a muscle in my thigh dancing at work either yesterday or today, I am in a really good mood. After dinner tonight, my mom and I went shopping. I need a lot of clothes for school and by that I mean tonnes of fall clothes that are comfy, nice, and age appropriate. I find that I always buy clothes that make me look 17 instead of almost 20. So, tonight I hit the mall with my mom and picked up some really sweet finds.

First, I bought a really pretty turquoise blouse from Old Navy. Though it is a blouse, the top is still fun and young! I don't normally shop at Old Navy but I figured I'd give it a shot since their fall clothes always seem really cute. 

Second, I got an awesome white boyfriend cardigan from Old Navy for only $15.00! Then, I got a pair of Old Navy jeans for $20.00. To my surprise, I fit into a size 6!! I never thought I'd see the day. Though I wouldn't wear just a t-shirt with these jeans (since my stomach still has a bit of extra love), I do feel confident in them. Plus, once I start school, I plan on using the gym on campus and taking advantage of the fitness classes available. 

After my Old Navy blow-out, I made my way over to Suzy Shier to meet my mom, who was looking for some work clothes. I ended up finding a really cute gray fall jacket for only $20.00! Score and a half.

Then, I went to H&M and got a cute gray sweater! It will go great with a pair of tights or skinny jeans on a day where I feel like being fashionable but really comfy at the same time.

I even got some tights, tonight. I got two black pairs for under $14.00 total!

I feel really good about the things I bought tonight and how they look on me. I am excited to start wearing them in September but even more excited to spend some more money on new fall clothes! I'm going shopping on Saturday, for sure, and potentially on Thursday. I hope to find a bag for school, some fall boots, perhaps some flats, and some more casual-wear for class.

I'm looking for some knit tops, bright coloured hoodies, perhaps some new athletic-wear, a few skirts (just because), a pair of twill pants, some sort of high-wasted pants, and the like.

I haven't spent some serious money on clothes for myself in a really long time. I think I deserve it and so, I'm going to put lots of effort into my new "look." I don't even know if I have a "look," but at least I have some new, cute clothes that fit just right!

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